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Thermal Management Solutions

TaiSol produces both passive (heatsink) and active (heatsink with fan) thermal management products. Types include:

• Cold Forged
• Extruded
• Folded Fin
• Die-Cast
• Brazing
• Heat Pipe/ Vapor Chamber

In the past the engineers from TaiSol had successfully developed a thermal solution that meets AMD’s needs and soon received their acknowledgment of our product. To meet market demand, TaiSol continues to grow in our research department, preserving our spot as leaders in providing exceptional thermal solution service.

From standard to customized thermal solutions, we are strict with the quality of our products. We constantly trying to provide the most effective and cost efficient solutions for our customers. Other than capable product, TaiSol also delivers excellent service. Before actual production, we closely work with our customers to discuss the perfect solution. We use 2D drawings and 3D graphics as tools for the discussion stage of a new product to insure precision and clarity. Experience wise, TaiSol is ready for the challenges ahead in the thermal solution industry.