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Heat Pipes

Standard Heat Pipes are characteristically straight and round. Customization allows for bending and flattening for height sensitive devices such as notebooks. Other complex shapes are available upon request Applied in various devices such as notebooks, and as spreading base for CPU coolers or heat sinks, television, air conditioner, refrigeration, and much more.

  • Material:Copper.
  • Wick Structures: Axial Groove, Sintering Powder, Composite Pipe and Slim Type.
  • Working Fluid:De-ionized Water.
  • Pipe Sealing Method:Plasma welding
  • Standard Diameters:4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12.7mm.
    Other diameters available upon request.
  • Standard Length:80mm to 500mm. Other length available upon request.
  • Patents:Composite and Slim type had unique patents in industry.

Axial Groove
Sintering Powder
Slim type
G4 P4 G+P4  
G5 P5 G+P5 S5
G6 P6 G+P6 S6
G8 P8 G+P8 S8
G10 P10 G+P10  
G12.7 P12.7    
Other length available upon request. Other length available upon request. High Qmax and Lower thermal resistance.
Had unique patents.
The thickness can be flattened to 0.8 mm.
Had unique patents.