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Connector (Card Professional) Solutions

As the originator of the easy plug-in socket for surface-mounting technology and card bus connectors, TaiSol remains the leader in PC card connector design and production. We manufacture Type I, II, and III PC card connectors that follow the standard requirements from PCMCIA and JEIDA that could be implemented universally. Understanding that our customers have different requirements, TaiSol also offers an extensive variety of configurations.

We design PC card connectors with customer needs in mind. Our connectors are easy to assemble and rework. By using interchangeable components, customers may rework a connector instead of removing the entire unit. TaiSol PC card connectors are designed to operate smoothly, eliminating problems in loading and ejecting cards.

A leader in engineering, TaiSol has developed new PC card styles, such as Ultra Slim Card Bus. A new connector with a very low profile for space constrained devices.

The multi-card connector is a TaiSol unique patent approved design that supports multiple media cards by only using one slot. Cards supported include Smart Media, Memory Stick, SD Card, Multi Media Card, and xD Card. The connector itself has a single line solder tail providing flexible PCB artwork design. The applications that can be used include PDA, DSC, Laptops, Desktop PC, Card readers, and more.