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International patent awarded for 4-in-1 flash memory connector

TaiSol Electronics Co., Ltd, a leading provider of thermal management solutions and connectors, today announced the successful award of international patents in Japan, Germany, Taiwan and China for its design of a 4-in-1-memory card connector. A similar US patent application is pending.

Living in a digital world, users are depending more on these flash memories to store data. TaiSol 4-in-1 connectors can be built into a lot of applications. Without TaiSol 4-in-1 connectors, users need to buy four different types of card readers to access each of the different types of flash media cards. With TaiSol 4-in-1 connector built into a card reader, all that is needed is the 4-in-1 connector's card reader, and it can access to Multi Media Card, Memory Stick, Secure Digital Card, or Smart Media Card.

The patent approved 4-in-1 connector is designed with system manufacturing qualities in mind. Good power and ground shielding provides better noise immunity. Single row of solder tails eases assembly and re-work at the board level. The connector is also designed such that the outside end of all media types will flush at the same point when fully inserted. The design not only provides an indication of whether a media is correctly inserted, it also improves the appearance of the product as a whole.

"With handhelds, digital cameras, digital music players becoming more popular, TaiSol recognizes the need to integrate this "Flash Flood" of different flash memory cards that are used to support these devices. OEM's who integrate our 4-in-1 connector into their product design will have the unique opportunity to reach out to more consumers as they will no longer be restricted to using just a single type of flash memory card" said Jane Yui, Marketing Manager of TaiSol Electronics.

The 4-in-1 connector has a slim profile of 6.72mm in height and is available in surface mount single in-line or through-hole options for flexible PCB soldering. The connector has a current rating of 0.5A and an insulation resistance of 1 giga ohm. Reliability tests have proven that it has been designed to withstand up to 500Vac for 1 min and has a card insertion lifespan of 10,000 operations.

The connector is positioned for use on PC peripherals such as photo printers, photo viewers, digital cameras, and most of digital media readers. It can also be integrated onto a desktop or notebook PC and even mobile IT equipments like PDAs.

With this 4-in-1 connector, TaiSol has created MusketeersTM 4-in-1 PC Card Adapter. This enables SMC/MS/SD/MMC to be converted to a standard Type II PC Card all in one single slot and it only weights 23 grams! Its transfer speed of 16.6MB/s, downloading images and data from the adapter to desktop PCs, notebooks or any digital devices with a PCMCIA interface in a breeze. A reliable performer, the MusketeersTM 4-in-1 PC Card Adapter supports Window 98, Me, 2000, XP as well as the Macintosh operating systems.

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